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With SHR Installations, you will find one of the UK’s leading specialists for audio visual installations, system integrations and AV solutions.

Technology today offers many advantages but installing it can be time-consuming and sometimes tricky, even for those with technical know-how. We can talk you through options for mounting your television on the wall, adding a boost to your failing Wi-Fi or simply tidying cables after a renovation or move.

We offer a wide range of home and commercial AV services and our projects range from simple speaker and PA installation, to integrated multi-room sound systems, to full-blown top-of-the-range audio-visual systems.

The Benefits of Using a Professional AV Installation Service

Get a movie theatre experience:

If you’re thinking of hitting the cinemas with your family to binge on a Star Wars movie, a home theatre can bring together all the cinema effects which will make the movie a lot more intriguing and enjoyable.

Better experience for video-game enthusiasts:

If you are a games and you are a game enthusiast, then you know the difference between playing games on a boring regular TV as compared to a wide screen with great sound. The latter will give you a different game-play experience. With the amazing pictures and surround sound effects that video games come with, the way you play video games will change; bringing a far better experience.

Scale the appeal and value of your home:

Once your home is equipped with improved technology for entertainment, such as a home theatre system, its value increases. Reports show that home buyers see home theatres as a huge plus when buying a home. 

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