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If you’re serious about the security of your family or your business, then taking the step to installing CCTV is one of the most important things you can ever do.  


Unlike many other security features, CCTV not only helps to prevent burglars or intruders, but it can also be of immense use in apprehending and prosecuting anyone who has tried to burgle your property or business.

We will show you how the latest High Definition IP CCTV Cameras are a worthy addition to your security strategy and how to make the most of modern features such as remote view. Not to forget all our CCTVs are GTPR Compliant - Products by Xanview.

Our CCTV installation services stretch from supplying you with the CCTV system that fits both your needs and budget, through to installation and training on how to use your new system too. You can rest assured that your property’s security is in the trustworthy hands of the experts.

The Benefits of Using a Professional CCTV Installation Service

Peace of Mind:


Feel safe, feel secure and feel good! Knowing that you have a CCTV system installed by professional CCTV installers goes quite some way to put your mind at rest about the safety of your family and home.

Deterrent and Crime Prevention:


Criminals are dissuaded from breaking into your home and stealing from you or committing other crimes such as vandalism and anti-social behaviour.

Remote Monitoring:


Another benefit of CCTV is that modern systems allow remote monitoring on a computer, tablet or mobile phone via a secure connection over the internet. 

Low Price High Quality:


These days home CCTV installation is relatively inexpensive. Cameras, digital video recorders (DVR) and installation by an experienced installer is cost-effective and when looking at the advantages above is well worth the cost.


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Why Use SRH Installation As Your CCTV Installation Provider


✅ Being An Essex Based CCTV Installation Company Means We Are Local To You
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✅ We Work With Only The Best CCTV Providers On The Market

Why Have CCTV


CCTV is commonly used for businesses and commercial areas, but have you ever wondered if it could protect your home too?


It’s a well-known fact that CCTV can dramatically increase the security of a property, so discover the benefits of installing CCTV in your home or workplace and protecting your loved ones and processions.


6 Reasons Why You Should Install CCTV in Your Home or workplace

1. It Acts as a Visual Deterrent

It has been found that CCTV systems have the largest crime deterrent effect in pre-planned crime. Burglars want an easy break-in and will be deterred from places that appears highly protected. 60% of burglars look for a CCTV system and 40% of those then go on to choose another target. Make sure your CCTV camera is visible and stop your home or work place being a specific target for burglary.


2. It Can Help Identify Criminals

CCTV footage can also help to identify criminals and be used as evidence in criminal investigations. Whether for anti-social behaviour near your property or a full-on break-in, a major benefit of having CCTV is that offenders are more likely to be identified, caught and brought to justice.


3. Monitor Your Home or Business Remotely

A major benefit of home CCTV is that you can monitor footage and your home from anywhere remotely. These days, CCTV systems give access from any desktop, tablet or mobile phone over a secure internet connection, so that you can keep on top of any activity from anywhere in the world.


4. Reduce Insurance Costs

Depending on your insurance policy, having a CCTV system can reduce your insurance policy costs and premiums. You are adding extra protection to your property and therefore your costs will decrease. By making the initial investment into your home or workplaces security you could be saving money in the long-run. 

5. Provides Peace of Mind

CCTV can provide great peace of mind, knowing that you have taken the extra precautions to enhance your safety. This is particularly important when you are away or on holiday. Knowing that your home or workplace is being monitored is a major benefit that can justify whether it’s worth installing CCTV or not.


CCTV cameras can also be set up around the perimeter of your property and give visual access to any blind spots, which can be viewed without you even leaving. 


6. Cost-Effective

These days, CCTV systems are incredibly cost-effective, especially when no-one can put a price on protecting. From wired to wireless, monitored or unmonitored, there is an option for all budgets.

Why Upgrade


From cost reductions to superior performance, there are a host of reasons as to why you should upgrade your CCTV network. Read on to find out more!

Considered to be the benchmark of effective security and surveillance by most, CCTV is used by many businesses and homeowners as their primary form of incident recording and security. CCTV is usually bought as a one off cost, and although a well installed and maintained system should last years, they should also be regularly reviewed against changing needs. Not to mention, they should be measured against new technology and markets.

Over the past years, the breakthrough of HD and IP CCTV has drastically changed the industry. This makes system upgrades more pivotal than ever when it comes to business security. 



One of the most compelling reasons as to why you should upgrade your CCTV system is because your existing one could be close to obsolete. Even high end manufacturers will often class anything more than 10 years old as end of life. For smaller brands it can sometimes come as quick as 2 years. This means that any software upgrades will be stopped and technical support may cease. This may lead to its hardware becoming more expensive or even unobtainable.

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