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SRH Installations have been providing intruder and fire alarm installation in and around Essex for over 13 years.

We're based in Essex, with a respected place in the local community, Just read our testimonials to learn we are one of the best, most reliable companies for intruder alarms, fire alarms, CCTV and access control systems.

For the very best in Home & Commercial Security from Standard Alarms to Perimeter Defence Systems that sound the alarm before an intruder gains entry, we have a large range of quality security products at the right price to suit your budget.

The Benefits of Using a Professional Intruder Alarm Installation Service

Protect your business from theft:

There is and always has been a big threat of burglary for those who own business premises. This is because the value of stock and equipment found in the average workplace makes them a prime target for thieves.

Lowers Homeowner’s Insurance:

Yes, you may be paying a monthly fee for your security system, but having the system in your home can lower your homeowner’s insurance by up to 20%. That, combined with the other benefits, makes an alarm system a pretty good deal.

Makes Room for Peace of Mind:


The sense of security and peace you gain with an alarm system is perhaps the greatest benefit of all. Next to being safe, the confidence of feeling safe will help you be a more productive, healthy, and focused person.


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Why Use SRH Installation As Your Intruder Alarm Installation Provider


✅ Being An Essex Based Intruder Alarm Installation Company Means We Are Local To You
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Why Have and intruder alarm


The police recommend home and business owners “install a visual burglar alarm” with a box on the outside of their building to help deter potential thrift or damage to your home or business. 


If you’re aiming to improve security around your business premises, an intruder alarm system is essential. Installing an intruder alarm can provide the following 5 benefits:

1. Protect your business or home from theft

There has always been a big threat of burglary for those who own business premises or own vulnerable properties. This is because the value of stock, equipment and possessions found makes them a prime target for thieves.

An intruder alarm system is a vital element that should be a priority for you and your security. Here’s why:

  1. The visible presence of alarm systems deters trespassers. Therefore, you can stop theft before it happens by making it obvious your building is protected.

  2. If a criminal does break into your premises, motion sensors will detect intruders. An alarm will sound and those in the vicinity will be alerted.

  3. The more sophisticated business alarm systems can send a signal to a nominated person or initiate a police response. The thief’s window of opportunity is narrowed.

2. Deter vandals from entering your premises

Protecting your business or property from vandalism can be equally important to deterring thieves. Vandals may be intent on causing as much damage as possible to your building. Cracked windows and graffiti on walls is damaging enough but what happens if they manage to break in and enter your premises?

Installing an intruder alarm system is an effective way to improve security. It will help to deter trespassers from entering your premises. In the event that they break in and enter, the system will detect them and sound an alarm.

3. Provide peace of mind when you’re away

Because most intruders strike in the middle of the night, it is in the early hours when you’re most at risk. Not all businesses can afford a physical security presence around the clock but intruder alarms can still provide protection. Similar can be said for your home, if you are away or on holiday, the peace of mind knowing your property is secure is priceless.

4. Reduce insurance premiums

Installing an intruder alarm will improve security by reducing the risk of an incident. As a result, you can often lower your annual insurance premium. Savings may be increased further still with the introduction of intruder alarm monitoring.

This adds an extra layer of security to your building because it ensures 100% that somebody (other than the intruder) is aware of the break-in.

5. Increase the chance of police apprehending criminals

There may be people nearby who will hear a criminal breaking in and notify the police. However, it is just as likely that an intruder can gain entry into your building undetected.

By fitting intruder alarms, you can alert everybody in the vicinity to an invader. This will greatly increase the chance that the police will arrive in time to apprehend the offender. As mentioned above, intruder alarm monitoring can increase this chance greater still. This is especially true for people with businesses or homes in more sparsely populated locations.


Why Upgrade


The arms race between burglars and householders is one of the biggest reasons for upgrading a burglar alarm. Thieves now use metal detectors, drones and Google Earth to scope out properties that they think are worth breaking into. It’s also easier than ever to establish the layout of a property using estate agents’ floor plans and pictures, which can remain online long after the house or apartment has changed hands.

But there are other reasons to consider improving your burglar alarm system:

  • Changes to the house or workplace can create security issues, such as the addition of a conservatory, extension or a new roof light. We sometimes forget to install shock sensors to these new additions, or their current outdoor motion detector may be blocked.

  • Wired systems are vulnerable to being cut, and there is evidence that burglars routinely cut the power to homes they intend to break into.

  • False alarms are less likely to occur with new systems, which are monitored on a 24-hour basis.

  • Older systems are recognisable. Many burglars learn their weaknesses, or even how to dismantle them altogether. In general, burglars are less likely to be deterred by an older alarm.

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