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Are Your Sheds and Garages Safe?

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

We constantly think about how to protect our homes, but what about the security of sheds and garages?

While we all try to secure all the areas of our property that can lead to thief or vandalism, not much consideration is given to this area when we acquire home security products. However, when you think about how much the items kept in your sheds or garages are worth, is this money you would want to lose so easily? This includes the likes of vehicles, mowers, garden equipment, tools, bikes and anything else you’re storing there.

So, Because i’m a nice guy, I have conducted a list of actions you should take to help secure your belongings as much as possible.

Locks & Padlocks

You may think your shed and garage are secure just because you’ve put a padlock on the doors. However, many people choose a cheap product which can be easily undone with the right know-how or with cutting tools. Many burglars know just how vulnerable places such as garden sheds are, so may target these spots deliberately, even if you use a padlock. Consider investing in a robust security lock, and you can even get anti-tamper screws for the door hinges. For garage doors, you could also think about installing deadbolts, which can be triggered by the handle.

Secure Your Garden

For a shed, one of the first lines of defence will be your garden boundaries, so secure this area to begin with to deter potential burglars. There are lots of things you can do to enhance your garden security, including a locked side gate, high walls and spiky hedges. For your garage, another great idea is to choose a gravel driveway, making it harder for thieves to remain silent if on your property. Look for any weak spots around the door, door frame and walls, replacing any rotten or damaged sections. If you have windows, a wire mesh could be a good idea.

Alarms, Lights & CCTV

People often think about home alarm systems to help protect their property, but use these systems to achieve better coverage of your outdoor spaces too. Security lighting, visible CCTV and alarmed padlocks on gates and shed doors can act as deterrents while quickly alerting you should someone try to break in.

Security for Valuable Items

Even if an intruder gets into your garage or shed, there are some additional precautions you can implement to ensure the most valuable items aren’t taken. This includes securing high-value equipment or machinery to the walls with security chains, loop cables or a ground anchor. If you’ve used a police-recommended product to mark items of value (so your possessions can be traced back to you if ever found), you should also make sure you clearly warn any thieves that this is the case, which may put them off taking them to be resold. You should lock all tools away from sight in a robust, locked and heavy box.

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