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CCTV at School

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

As any parent will tell you, the security and safety of their children when at school is of the utmost importance. Yes, we all want our children to get the best education possible but I would say that the security and safety of the children would always be the highest priority.

But a CCTV installation will help prevent bullying and help staff to deal with issues that can go unnoticed but need to be addressed at a later date. A good CCTV system in a school will help prevent crime and vandalism too.

So, what are the benefits of having CCTV in Your School

1: Crime: is the number one reason for installing your security system, a Visible System will make any unwanted visitor think twice before committing whatever crime they are there for.

2: Controlled access, CCTV can easily be integrated into existing door access controlled systems, a well-placed CCTV can help identify people using lost cards or people using cards to access places they should not have access to or a camera linked to a facial recognition software that only works on the person authorised to use the card, or a member of staff vetting anyone using the public entrance via the call entrance button.

3: Bullying, Strategically placed cameras in corridors, communal areas and playgrounds can help deter bullying and help spot the signs of aggressive behaviour to staff and pupils, CCTV is just one of the ways in which a school can help and tackle bullying which is a major issue in some schools and colleges.

4: Protection of Vehicles including student bikes, theft from schools has always been a problem, however well-placed cameras with correct signage can massively prevent theft from bike sheds and identify damage to staff vehicles in car parks.

5: Mindless vandalism: Many schools as some point will experience some kind of vandalism be it from internal or external sources, highlighting hot-spots can help reduce vandalism and using high-resolution IP Cameras give you a great advantage in identifying the culprits

6: Anti-social behaviour: Although in our experience CCTV in schools won’t stop anti-social behaviour, however, staff can quickly review footage and identify and stop bad behaviour before it gets out of hand.

7: Health and Safety: CCTV Helps spots hazards in real-time, the school or College will know instantly if any health and safety hazards are being infringed, from doors being left open, boxes left unattended causing a trip hazard plus much more

8: Movement of Students and staff: you can quickly ascertain the whereabouts of staff members, see where pupils are making sure pupils are getting into class on time

Why school security must be taken seriously

Firstly, once a thief knows that your premises always has a watchful eye being cast over it – in the form of CCTV – they are unlikely to follow through with their plans.

Alarms, while highly effective, merely provide a way of alerting people to the presence of intruders. This is not a cast-iron way of preventing an experienced, fast-paced burglar from making their way to the IT room in the school and making off with several thousand pounds worth of iPads and computer software.

CCTV also acts as the school’s last line of defence during the day, when the alarm is not activated because classes are in session.

School bike sheds are very common targets for thieves, and there is nothing that an alarm system can really do to halt them in their criminal endeavours. However, a bike shed that is positioned close to a fully functioning security camera is far less likely to be targeted.

The same, to a lesser extent, goes for the staff car park. Obviously the theft of a car is far more valuable than a bike, but bikes have been consistently targeted because of how relatively easy it is to separate them from a lock.


And let’s not forget about the security safety of the school’s pupils. As mentioned above, a CCTV system allows the school to track the student’s behaviour and can go a long way in kicking out bullying and catching any student that misbehaves.

The ability to look back over the footage is of huge benefit to school principals and their department heads, while real-time footage of your CCTV system can also be viewed remotely, via laptop or tablet.

Would you like to know more?

As always, if you would like to find out more about our services and how we can help you with your installation needs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have about our products and services.

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