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Improve Business Sales With CCTV

Schedule recording is one of the most commonly used features for home surveillance. Users have the option to schedule the camera to record only at night or during their time out of the house and recordings will be marked when motion is detected. This is probably the most general purpose of deploying the surveillance system at home and it has helped tens of thousands of users identify a lot of home security breaches.

Improve Business Sales With CCTV - CCTV Installation Essex

However, another use for CCTV is to allow you to watch over staff and your production teams. Thanks to the high level of technology CCTV cameras have these days, there is no end to the amount of coverage available to the user, and this allows business owners to manage their teams even when they are not there.

But that isn’t all. The capabilities of the video make it a useful tool for a much wider spectrum of job functions. These could be people in sales, marketing, facilities management or even research and development.

Examples can be drawn from the retail and health sectors, where smart cameras can do much more than just keep an eye out for intrusions, theft and other malicious activity. In a retail setting, for example, data gathered by cameras can be used to understand how customers move around the shop and identify a store’s hot spots, dead zones and bottlenecks. This helps retailers optimize the store layout, adjust staffing levels, and take measures to shorten wait times at the till.

An IP camera with people-counting capabilities, for example, can help business owners make operations decisions more efficiently.

Improve Business Sales With CCTV - CCTV Installation Essex

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A people-counting camera can discern how many people are gathering in a given area, such as a checkout lane. It can also keep track of how much time they have been standing there. By setting rules to trigger an alarm, store managers can be instantly alerted when they need to send more staff to the cash registers and reduce wait times. With this type of solution, you can instantly understand where customer service is required, increase customer satisfaction and ultimately sales. Automatic alerts can be sent to notify staff that standard customer wait time has been exceeded.

Retailers can analyse what is happening in the store that is standing in the way of sales. Are employees helping shoppers make purchasing decisions? Is the layout of the storekeeping shoppers from finding what they need?

By collecting data on foot traffic during the busiest hours of the day and times of the week, managers can be sure to schedule enough employees at peak times. This ensures that customers feel like they’re being taken care of and encourages them to return.

There are a great number of services which would make your life easier. For example, you might purchase a doorbell with an embedded camera to record everything at the front door and interact with visitors with the mobile app. Some vendors even have the door key integrated with a cloud service, so the service provider can open your front door for delivery purposes. With video surveillance, you can create a memory video when hosting a party for someone, or even interact with your pet at home while working, or just keep an eye on him.

See, the benefits of having the latest CCTV installation in your business is endless. Why not talk to us today and see how we are helping businesses just like yours.

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