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Our Range Of Dahua CCTV Cameras

It Is Oficial. Dahua CCTV Cameras Have Hit Essex

At SRH Installations, we care about your security just as much as you. We all want to feel safe inside our homes, but we often forget to check our homes security systems. Some of you may not have one at all, why others will own CCTV systems that are now considered obsolete.

Unfortunately, crime in and around Essex isn’t going anywhere, and the thieves are getting smarter. This is why we only work with the best CCTV providers on the market, Dahua CCTV Security Cameras. Dahua is a world-leading service provider, offering end-to-end security solutions, systems, and services to create security for their customers.

Back in the ‘80s, CCTV’s contribution to crime prevention was largely limited to deterring would-be intruders and vandals. The grainy, blurred images captured by the first generation of monochrome security cameras were just about able to help verify that some suspicious activity was taking place but offered little opportunity to provide police with video evidence, which would help identify the culprits.

Fast forward to 2001 and Dahua Technology was born, and the advanced capabilities of home & work security cameras started to become the future.

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So, What Range of Dahua CCTV Cameras Do We Use?

And what makes them so powerful.

Dahua offers the best technologies for their range of security cameras. Network cameras, HDCVI cameras, PTZ cameras and Thermal cameras, all come with the latest technologies to tackle theft, crime and vandalism.

Let’s take a look at each:

Network Cameras:

As an innovation leader, Dahua Technology is committed to offering cutting-edge technologies and products, such as multi-sensor panoramic cameras, ePoE for 800m power and data transmission over Ethernet cable, and Smart Codec to improve encoding efficiency and save bandwidth.

Multiple product levels are available to fulfil various demands. The Ultra Series is for professionals who demand the latest innovations and best quality. Eco-Savvy Series is for professional who looks for cost performance balance while Lite Series is for customers who care about quality but have a tight budget.

Network cameras are widely used in various applications and vertical industries. Face Recognition cameras can be used in entrance & exit, smart retail, public areas, and other scenarios to improve operational efficiency. ePoE with extended reach distance is widely applicable for stadiums, parking lots, etc., to save on cabling costs.


As the inventor of HDCVI (High Definition Composite Video Interface) technology, Dahua continuously invests in the technology to rejuvenate existing coaxial-based systems since its launch in 2012 with its own patents. As the first to bring 4K resolution over coax, the first to introduce IoT into analogue monitoring, and with versatile offerings such as multi-sensor and fisheye cameras, Dahua has formulated its HDCVI camera selection as the perfect choice to strengthen your existing coaxial system.

Dahua HDCVI cameras are separated into the Pro, Lite and Cooper Series, ranging from high performance with project-oriented features to a cost/performance balance. Users can select cameras based on their needs.

HDCVI cameras are used in applications where existing analogue infrastructure is available. Users have a need for the latest technologies, including 4M/4K resolution, IoT over coax, Power over Coax (PoC), and more.

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PTZ Cameras:

Dahua offers both network and HDCVI PTZ cameras. PTZ cameras use pan, tilt, and zoom functionality to provide both wide-area coverage and great detail. Specialised cameras, like positioning systems, anti-corrosion cameras, and explosion-proof cameras are also available for user special applications.

Ultra Series cameras feature high performance sensors, powerful optical zoom, long range IR illumination, and powerful protection to satisfy applications with high performance demands.

The Pro Series focuses on balancing performance and cost, while Lite and Wi-Fi Series offers users alternatives with compact designs and affordable price.

Dahua PTZ cameras are widely used in different vertical industries, like transportation, government, city surveillance, etc.. They have proven their durability and effectiveness even in extreme conditions such as at Mt. Everest.

Thermal Cameras:

Thermal cameras, which do not require a light source, are excellent for providing enhanced coverage in diverse environments, such as those with harsh conditions or extreme darkness. In addition, thermal cameras have long range detection and temperature measurement capabilities, allowing them to be used in conjunction with visible light cameras to achieve all-weather, comprehensive surveillance.

Dahua’s thermal camera range covers both thermal and hybrid (Thermal + Visible) cameras to meet different user demands.

Thermal cameras are widely used in applications such as perimeter protection, protection of key components (electrical facilities, gas pumps, etc.) and over-heating detection in critical infrastructure, forest fire prevention, and other scenarios.

If you have any questions regarding the Dahua camera range or would like to see some examples of their effectiveness, please contact us using our details below.


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