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Why have a home intruder alarm system

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Benefits of home security systems are obvious. From preventing break-ins to calling emergency responders on your behalf.

It’s a sad and stressful fact that your home could be at risk of break-ins. Even if you live in a statistically safe area, you probably still worry about leaving your property, especially for long periods of time. A security alarm system can help to soothe this worry, as well as providing real protection for the important things in your home.

Worrying about your home can be stressful, and the worry gets even bigger if you look at the statistics.

Home burglaries are terrifying, traumatising, and often costly crimes – and one happens in the UK every 106 seconds.

The Office for National Statistics puts the average cost of a residential burglary in the UK at £3,030, and more than one-third of that is the emotional cost to victims – which makes sense when you consider that someone is home during 58% of burglaries.

According to the same statistics, the annual cost of residential burglaries in Essex is £26.15 million, while the risk of a residential burglary in our county is 0.47%.

A burglary happens every 106 seconds in the UK which adds up to 296,150 in last 12 months.

Statistics also show that:

  • 58% of burglars break in when someone is at home

  • 43% know their victim

  • 45% steal money, cards, purses and wallets

  • 26% use force or violence

  • 67% break-in through a door

  • 61% burglaries take place between 6 pm and 6 am. Burglaries take less than 10 minutes and only 3,1% lead to a conviction

  • 817 houses are broken into every day, on average 34 burglaries per hour. Meaning that by the time you finish reading this blog, there have been three burglaries

  • 32% of British householders have a burglar alarm, and 40% have a security camera

  • 63% of burglaries happened to people without a basic security system, but at the same time, 77% of people with at least a basic home system are not burgled

Let that sink in..

77% of people with at least a basic home system are not burgled

So, it is clear to see that if you keep your home secure, the risk of a burglary is greatly reduced. Not just that, but you’ll never need to worry about who would target your home.

You’ve been spending years to build a life for yourself and worked too hard to have any part of it stolen away by a thief. A small investment in home security can help you to sleep more soundly and prevent traumatic break-ins.

Equipping your home with an intruder alarm system is one of the most reliable ways you can protect your property.

Studies show that those having an effective security system in place are three times less likely to be broken into than a home without protection, so having one installed is something that homeowners should certainly be considering.

The purpose of all intruder alarms is to deter intrusion or invasion, but the way how they operate can vary. Most popular types of alarm are door and window sensors, motion sensors, break glass detectors, shock sensors and safe alarms.

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If you are still asking yourself if you need a home burglar alarm, here are some benefits of a home security system.

  • Head off a burglary before it happens

Probably the key benefit of installing a burglar alarm in your home is that it can turn away a burglar from a break-in. Burglars don’t want to be caught, so they will avoid difficult break-ins that are likely to attract attention. By installing an intruder alarm system in your home, you are making it harder for an intruder to break in, so they will most likely move on to an easier target.

  • Protect what you love and value

The average home has a lot of valuable items inside. From jewellery, electronics, mobile phones, car keys.

By installing a burglar alarm, intruders will be detected, motions sensors will be triggered and an alarm will notify you that there has been break-in happening in your property. Some of the more sophisticated ones can even automatically alarm the police and a nominated person.

  • Reduced insurance premiums

The more protected your home is, the less likely is to be targeted, meaning your property is at less risk. This means that installing an intruder alarm system in your property can lower your insurance premiums.

  • Higher home value

Everybody wants to feel safe and secure in their home, so installing an intruder alarm will reflect in the price you can ask when selling, meaning that a security alarm system is a good way to boost the value of your property.

  • Travel without worrying

By installing a burglar alarm you will have peace of mind that your home is secure even when it’s uninhabited. If there is a break-in, your security system will alert you so you will know if there is an intruder. An intruder alarm system keeps everything covered, even when you’re not there. Burglars know this and will not want to enter your home as they will run the risk of being caught, even straight away by the police, or at a later date through the recordings.

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