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Why I Choose the Dahua Starlight CCTV Camera

With so many new technologies, a lot of security cameras can now offer night vision through some very impressive infrared technologies. This is great news, right?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of cameras out there that can only offer an infrared range of up to 30 mitres and although this might sound decent enough, a lot of these cameras offer a low quality black and white image when faced with low light environments.

Well, I have some great news for you! The Dahua Starlight camera is lightyears ahead of the game when it comes to range, picture quality and day/night vision. So if you are looking for a camera that can give you the best technologies and at an affordable price, the Dahua Starlight camera is definitely one camera for you.

What’s more, you can have complete control of your security cameras from your mobile devices. Meaning you can view your unoccupied premises or business whilst away or at home for the night.

Advanced Technologies

Back-Illuminated CMOS Technology

The Dahua's Starlight range of security cameras features new and improved back-illuminated CMOS sensor technology.

Unlike typical front-illumination sensors, back-illuminated sensors increase the amount of light that enters each pixel. This enables the camera to produce extremely high-quality footage in low-light environments. Starlight cameras have a high sensitivity and less random noise, which effectively increases the S/N ratio. Dahua achieves this by implementing a photo-diode structure and on-chip lens that is optimised for back-illuminated structures.

A large range of Dahua cameras with Starlight technology utilises a Sony STARVIS™ sensor. Security cameras equipped with this technology can efficiently illuminate footage from dark environments.

Achromatic Lens

Dahua cameras are equipped with an achromatic lens, enabling them to produce the highest image quality possible. Achromatic lenses include a combination of concave and convex glass, which focuses the different colour wavelengths into a single plane.

Conventional CCTV cameras without an achromatic lens often experience colour fringing, sharpness, and blurry footage at night. This is exaggerated more if they are not IR corrected.

Smart Image Signal Processor (ISP) Upgrade Enhancement

The ISP converts the captured image into a digital form and performs many operations. These include autofocus, auto exposure and white balance, to refine and enhance images. ISP can correct for imperfections in sensor and lens uniformity, reduce noise, and perform contrast enhancement with Wide Dynamic Range technology.

Intelligent Video Functions

Nearly every camera on the market is now fully equipped with a range of intelligent video function and video analytic capabilities. Dahua Starlight is no exception, with each camera including built-in intelligent video system analytics (IVS). Video analytics minimises the need to spend hours processing video data, by quickly streaming relevant information and trigger alarms when required.

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